The Author | Hans-Günter Heumann

Hans-Günter Heumann

After studying at the Musikhochschule Hannover (piano with Prof. Hans Priegnitz and Prof. Konrad Meister, composition with Prof. Einar Steen-Noekleberg, music pedagogy and musicology), followed by further studying of composition in New York and New Orleans, Hans-Günter Heumannn (*1955) dedicated himself to the editing of pedagogical piano material. His particular concern is to present music in an accessible way to reach a broad audience.

As a result of his training and personal aims, he has composed and arranged piano music in all styles for beginners to advanced students and has developed methodical concepts for learning how to play the piano for all age groups. The great number of internationally successful publications reveals the acceptance of his work. His books have been translated into many different languages and millions of copies sold.

Based on many years of experience teaching children, young people and adults, in 1995/96 he created two of the most significant piano methods in the German language: Klavierspielen – mein schönstes Hobby and Piano Kids, which have been enthusiastically received by adults who wish to begin playing again, and by teachers and students. As well as an immense repertoire of pedagogical piano material covering a great range of technical difficulty and eras, including classical, jazz, rock, pop, folk, new age and minimal music, the composer series such as ‘Getting to Know Classical Masterpieces’ reach out to a wide audience.

Hans-Günter Heumann produced a four-colour Musiklexikon für Kinder, an extensive reference work for which he received the Deutscher Musikeditionspreis (German Music Edition Prize) in 2001. Three further highlights followed with Pianothek - a new series for piano enthusiasts with skilful arrangements that sound good from classical to pop; Pianissimo - a treasure chest containing purely classical piano music for students, adult returners and amateur enthusiasts; and Heumann’s Pianotainment in two volumes, each containing 100 easy piano hits from baroque to pop. In 2009/10 the Little Amadeus Klavierschule was written. With original illustrations of the well-known characters from the TV series, and many background stories of Mozart’s life, as well as a clear pedagogical concept, this method soon became a success.

Now the most well-known piano book author in Germany, Heumann has already presented three solo albums for piano since 2011. In the atmospheric original compositions in the collections Live Your Dream, Light and Shade and Go Your Own Way, you can hear the great passion the composer has for the piano.

Heumann has created an extensive piano method for English-speaking territories (published 2012-2014). The Classical Piano Method is a wonderful resource for young and mature piano students who have a passion for classical music. ‘American Music Teacher’ reported: This method approaches piano instruction from the European standpoint of attaining piano proficiency and competent musicianship from the very beginning of piano lessons.

In 2012, another series was launched: Piano gefällt mir! (Piano I Like It!), 50 chart and film hits, which quickly became a successful and popular series of piano books. These easy, attractive arrangements of current pop songs will guarantee enjoyment!

Hans-Günter Heumann is a freelance composer and author, living in southern Germany.